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At some point, everyone will require a stopwatch, but there are never any available. Well, there is now! A stopwatch online! A quick, easy to use online stopwatch and countdown timer is always available.

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What is Stopwatch?

Are you wondering what a stopwatch is? A stopwatch is a portable timer used to measure the amount of time between activation and deactivation. When using a manual stopwatch, the user must press a button to start and stop the timepiece. However, with fully automatic timing, sensors automatically trigger both starting and stopping. A mainspring that powers mechanical stopwatches must be wound up by turning the knurled knob at the top of the stopwatch.

How to use the Stopwatch?

Step 1 : To start the stopwatch, click Start.

Step 2 : To pause or stop the Stopwatch, click Pause. (The Stopwatch will save your time and resume counting from the same point when you click Start.)

Step 3 : To stop and reset the timer, click Reset.

Why use bayclo stopwatch?

Because it's easy to use, easy to navigate and design is simple.